SensaData capabilities support supply chain participants cost-effectively deliver their responsibilities to their immediate customer, and to their customer’s customer. Compliant with global EPCIS data standards by GS1, Smart-r-Tag provides a platform asset tracking system to independently capture and report all steps of the supply chain journey, with optimised pre-processed data reporting.

Low Capital And Operational Costs, Simple Implementation & Maintenance:

Designed to require minimum intervention and capital expenditure the Smart-r-Tag system components are readily integrated into existing or new operational contexts including facilities, vehicles and containers.

  • Implementation Models: Smart-r-Tag systems will be available globally for implementation and support through local distribution partners, via direct supply or tailored to Client requirements.
  • Cost & Pricing: The Smart-r-Tag is designed for low-cost and highest value end-to-end operational applications where demand for asset integrity requires verifiable provenance and comprehensive condition monitoring.

Analytics Operator

The Smart-r-Tag system provides operators with realtime guidance of the asset’s compliance with programmed condition parameter ranges, allowing immediate decision making and intervention, reducing time and costs of receivals, and waste through spoiled goods.


Data from the Smart-r-Tag’s capacity for multiple parameter tracking makes possible a comprehensive assessment of the asset’s condition at any point in the supply chain. With suitable specific algorithms, calculations can be made of the asset’s retained value (eg freshness or shelf life) that can support optimum channel selection and pricing negotiation.


Smart-r-Tag data outputs are ideal for leveraging into larger dataset allowing assessment of operational performance and modelling of prospective process re-engineering and cost reduction initiatives.

Productivity Gains:

Rapid, wireless data transactions at supply-chain interfaces reduce per-unit costs

  • Operator pre-sets relevant tag-monitored parameter ranges by product type and sensitivities, with automated interface to back-house operational database systems
  • Smart-r-Tag data transfers occur in seconds, at 10m+ range to handheld or fixed reader/writers. Full truckload of assets with Smart-r-Tags can be processed rapidly, including indication of condition/QA status through tracked parameter measurement.
  • Smart-r-Tags can be re-written / programmed for the next process stage, eliminating time and costs of printed barcodes or single-use RFID tags.
  • Long tag life allows use of Smart-r-tag as pooled assets for repeated usage. On board diagnostics advise user of low-battery condition at data upload.

Cost Reduction:

Allows reduced overhead costs of spoilage and shrinkage (theft) which can be significant, while providing operationally efficiencies for asset shipment data capture and management.

Risk Mitigation:

Assured asset traceability for online-review-active consumers and regulators, plus lower impacts of recalls and claims by having full data available for review and accurate determination of per-unit risk.

Optimum Quality:

Enhanced visibility of asset treatment in the supply chain provides opportunity for higher market positioning, service provision and pricing.

Integrated data:

Smart-r-Tag’s cost effective, single instrument for capturing asset data provides a comprehensive, integrated data set for optimised compliance, analytics and value generation.