SensaData has created a miniaturised data-logging system called Smart-r-Tag. The microchip advances data logging capability for tracking asset condition across all scales of operations, and can offer this with cost effective performance (up to 10x cheaper than competitors).


  • Attached to an item / carton / crate or pallet, and
  • Smaller than a credit card, they are low cost, intelligent, reusable and long life.
  • Their on chip extensible parameter profiles are supported by a fully customisable sensor suite

Hardware layer comprising of a READER/WRITERS

  • High speed, secure, long range wireless interaction with tags to transfer load transaction details and condition parameter requirements.
  • Simply integrated reader writer module interfaces, with hand-held and head-less implementations.

Application layer comprising of FIRMWARE/SOFTWARE/CLOUD DATABASE

  • On-tag energy management & diagnostics
  • On-tag parameter data capture, storage and pre-processing, with API’s for interface to an operational databases.
  • Integrated into this cloud located database are Analytics libraries
  • Blockchain integrity authentication

SensaData is structured to be big enough to licence its platform and microchip for at-scale logistics providers and product specialists, globally.
But flexible enough that SensaData frequently partners to provide smaller clients with niche-specific product solutions to the following supply chain problems.