Why Sensadata?

The Smart-r-Tag cost-effectively delivers auditable supply chain tracking and report on products, resources, assets and their condition-critical information, in response to increasing customer and regulatory requirements.

Intervention To Better Manage Condition Sensitive Goods

Modern supply chains can be long and involve many parties and transactions between them. Condition sensitive assets are exposed to risks that must be actively managed and supply chain visibility is critical to be able to identify, quantify and intervene where needed.

Auditability For Provenance / Origin Visibility

Verifying the true source of your goods can be critical to your customer’s interests in quality, safety, ethics and sustainability. Smart-r-Tag provides third party validation that can you be sure you have received what you intended.

Condition / Traceability

It can be difficult to ensure your sensitive asset receives the appropriate careful attention to storage conditions and handling along its journey. Smart-r-Tag will protect the integrity of your goods by pinpointing the supply-chain failure if something goes wrong and it is damaged or spoiled.