Intelligent Supply Chain Integrity

If your condition-sensitive product could speak, what would it say about its treatment on its journey to your customer?

SensaData’s Smart-r-Tag is an affordable and re-usable smart asset tag system that measures and reports all you need to know, about your product’s life from the producer’s gate to the end user.

In some use-cases, it is even possible to bring on-farm analytics into the SensaData cloud database to integrate the production history with the supply chain data.

By applying world class analytics libraries against this integrated data set, it is possible to bring facts to life.


SensaData has created a miniaturised data-logging system called Smart-r-Tag. The microchip advances data logging capability for tracking asset condition across all scales of operations, and can offer this with cost effective performance (up to 10x cheaper than competitors).

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Why SensaSata?

The Smart-r-Tag cost-effectively delivers auditable supply chain tracking and report on products, resources, assets and their condition-critical information, in response to increasing customer and regulatory requirements.

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SensaData capabilities support supply chain participants cost-effectively deliver their responsibilities to their immediate customer, and to their customer’s customer.

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Reusable Smart r-Tag Features

SensaData has created a miniaturised data-logging system called Smart-r-Tag.



Attached to an item / carton / crate or pallet



Smaller than a credit card, they are low cost, intelligent, reusable and long life



Their on-chip extensible parameter profiles are supported by a fully customisable sensor suite

Target Sector Based Applications

Perishable Foods


Reducing food waste in supply chains is a global challenge, and its benefits are far reaching

Condition-Sensitive Industrial Goods

Industrial Goods

Fragile or sensitive industrial inputs or outputs can be cost-effectively monitored and traced with time-related measurements and reporting

Pharmaceuticals & Life Products

& Life Products

Retain efficacy of high value drugs, vaccines, and other temperature sensitive items by validating they have been kept within the proper storage temperature range

In a way, it lets your sensitive products talk:

  • What were the environmental parameters experienced during the nurture lifecycle?
  • Have the products been exposed to conditions that cause degradation
  • Have they been mishandled by being excessively bumped or shocked or even tampered with?
  • Have they been stored where they shouldn’t have been left, in hot or dirty conditions?
  • How long will the food last on the retail shelf? Is the product fresh.
  • Where did products really originate from? Are you getting the brand you paid for.