If your product could speak, what would it say about its journey to your customer?

SensaData's Smart-r-Tag is the first easy and affordable smart asset tag system that measures all you need to know from the gate to end user.

In a way, it lets your products talk:

Have they been exposed to temperatures higher then specified, or other issues that cause degradation?

Have they been mis-handled?

Have they been waiting where they shouldn't have been?


SensaData is creating a new miniaturised data-logging system called Smart-r-Tag. This capability advances data logging to a new level of cost effective performance for asset condition tracking applications across all scales of operations.

  • Smart-r-Tags

    attached to item / carton / crate / pallet. Smaller than a credit card, low cost, intelligent, reusable, long life . Extensible parameter profiling, customisable sensor suite

  • Reader/writers

    high speed, secure, long range active RFID wireless interaction with tags to up and down load transaction details and condition parameter measurements. Simple to integrate reader writer modules to interface with hand-held and head-less units.

  • Firmware/software

    on-tag energy management & diagnostics, parameter data capture, storage and pre-processing. API’s for interface to operational databases.

Solutions For Condition-Sensitive Goods

Optimised and cost effective asset tracking and condition reporting, assuring your sensitive property is as it should be and has data to match.


    Modern supply chains can be long and involve many parties and transactions between them.


    Verifying the true source of your goods can be critical to your customer’s interests in quality, safety, ethics and sustainability. Without third party validation how can you be sure you have received what you thought you were getting?


    It can be difficult to ensure your sensitive asset receives the appropriate careful attention to storage conditions and handling along its journey. Worse, if something goes wrong and it is damaged or spoiled, it can be difficult to pinpoint which supply-chain party failed their responsibility to protect the integrity of your goods.

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